Version 1.2 of EDIView for TaskCentre is released

Dimension Software is proud to announce, that we have released version 1.2 of EDIView for TaskCentre.

EDIView for TaskCentre version 1.2 includes released versions of the EDI tools, the Fixed Length File tools, the Character Separated tools and the XML tools, that are part of the EDIView for TaskCentre Suite.

EDIView for TaskCentre version 1.2 provides the day to day user of the EDIView solution with a brilliant overview of what is being imported and exported to and from the ERP system, by saving all the transaction into the EDIView database, where they can be inspected. If there were problems importing the transactions into the ERPsystem, the user can change the transaction directly in EDIView and rerun the import into the ERP system.

EDIView for TaskCentre uses an extremely flexible and easy way to define the layout of EDI documents using the interactive interchange editor. This will mean a massive reduction in cost of implementing an EDI solution.

EDIView for TaskCentre is built upon the Business Process Management software from Orbis Software.

EDIView for TaskCentre version 1.2 is available immediately.