Dimension Label tool

Printing labels is often an important part of a business process. It could be delivering goods, where you need to create delivery EDI files and print matching labels, or printing labels upon receipt of goods.

Dimension Label for TaskCentre is a tool used to print labels from TaskCentre as a part of a business process.

Dimension Label features a label designer for designing the label layout directly from the TaskCentre step configuration and complete drag and drop integration with TaskCentre recordsets, variables and functions.  Dimension Label can print text, barcodes (1D and 2D), logos and more onto the label and will print to any Windows printer, either laser printers or dedicated label printers. When printing to laser printers, labels can be arranged with more than one label on a sheet.

During run time labels will be printed. If the step is set to take input from a recordset, one label per record in the recordset will be printed. Labels will be printed, on the printer selected during configuration of the step.

Label tool


Label tool 2