EDIView for TaskCentre

Finally an affordable and easy EDI solution

For years EDI solution have been expensive and time consuming to implement, requiring extensive programming assistance to the end user for the mapping of documents and integration into the customers ERP system.

With EDIView for TaskCentre implementation cost is dramatically reduced by the introduction of the interactive tool for mapping the EDI documents, the Interchange Editor.

With the Interchange Editor you don't need a programmer to spend endless hours mappping the documents. Instead a consultant or a skilled end user can map a document in a few hours. The easy to use editor enables mapping of standard EDI files like EDIFACT, TradaCom, VICS and many others. Standard mappings for many documents are available on request which makes setting up EDIView for TaskCentre even easier.

EDIView for TaskCentre not only maps traditional EDI documents but also character separated documents, fixed length documents and XML documents. Also you can define any kind of translation from one document type to another, eg. You can translate an EDI document into an XML document, if that is, what you can import into your ERP system.

When the document is mapped, integration with the ERP system is simple matter of drag and drop of fields into the Interchange.

Despite the easy to use interface, the system still enables you to create user defined data conversion as part of the ERP Integration if needed, enabling you to implement very customer specific needs. Gone are the days where the system determines the level of integration with the ERP system.

EDIView for TaskCentre uses the standard ERP connectors from TaskCentre to connect to a long range of ERP systems. With the other tools of TaskCentre there are endless possibilities to set up additional actions during the creation or import of EDI documents. Examples of additional tasks you can do is sending an email in case of an error during conversion or starting an approval workflow upon reception of a new order.

Included in the EDIView for TaskCentre you also find tools to connect to the WorldVAN for direct easy upload and download of EDI Files from the VAN.

You can have a look here, at some examples we already have done with EDIView for TaskCentre.

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