Integration with ERP system

Integration with the ERP system is a very simple case of drag and drop of fields into the document structure using the standard TaskCentre drag and drop functionality.

When you are creating an EDI file that you want to send, you create a query in the standard drag and drop query generator in TaskCentre. This produces a recordset that contains the data we want to use in the EDI Document. In the Interchange Editor you drag the fields from the recordset into the document placing them where you need them to create the EDI file.

On the other hand, when you receive an EDI file and need to import that, you define the recordset in the EDI tool and drag fields from the recordset into the Interchange Editor to place data from the file into the recordset. The recordset can subsequently be imported into any of the ERP systems the TaskCentre connects to.

The recordsets can also be read and written to eg. XML files to be treated by some other tool.


Watch a small video that shows how to get dynamic data into an EDI file.