HansaWorld delivers a simple and integrated business management solution, which covers all needs of a small or medium sized company.

Why HansaWorld?
Although all whitepapers and product descriptions first and last praise HansaWorlds products to be remarkable user-friendly - and even though it is true, that the usability is top-rate, we have especially selected HansaWorld as a supplier because of the ubiquitous business alignment. We know that two businesses aren't alike, nor two industries are alike.

Business Alignment
HansaWorld makes an effort to adapt the products to the various trades. HansaWorld began with its roots in the graphic industry and this has later been expanded to several exciting industries. Currently we cover all ranging from catering to schools, from business consultants to plumbers.

HansaWorld is primarily focused on user-friendly products. The modern layout is completed with lots of shortcuts and opportunities to customize your own personal desktop.

Total Cost
The total cost for the acquisition and maintenance of HansaWorlds products are, whether we are talking about purchase, annual license fee, installation, programming of additional features or training, costs are lower than competitors products with similar functionality and usability.

With its two strong platforms, Books and Enterprise, HansaWorld have conquered Sweden and Finland and is now working to stay permanently on the Danish market.

Although HansaWorld is largest in its mainland Sweden (and Finland) HansaWorld is, with more than 73,000 customers in 110 countries, also worldwide a leading ERP vendor in the segment small and medium sized businesses.

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